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You have probably heard some of the hype going around on getting paid to do simple jobs on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

These are called ‘Social Media Jobs’ and they are a really hot trend in the job market right now, but what exactly are they? How can you get one?

I just came across this really interesting article that explains exactly what social media jobs are and gives insider details on how you can land one yourself so that you can also get paid to do jobs on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

There is a lot of money in this industry but the secret is getting out and more and more people are starting to get interested in these types of jobs so if you like the sound of it.

I highly recommend that you check it out NOW before the competition gets too fierce.

The Top 5 Highest Paying Survey Websites

Below are some of the best survey websites for making easy money on the internet. Nobody likes to be broke and we all love getting paid and that is why you will sign up for at least 2 of these websites. Heck, if you want a maximum payout I'd suggest signing up for all of them. Who wouldn't want easy money?

5. Classified Surveys

     Classified Surveys is a really excellent website that pays you just for signing up! The survey payout is one of the highest I've seen on a website paying $20-$100 a survey. Did I mention you get $20 just for signing up? Easy.

4. Cash Surveys Only 

   This is a great website for people who are new to taking surveys. Not only are legitimate Fortune 500 companies paying you easy money for your opinions, but they also give you invaluable tips, tricks, and ideas on how to keep earning that easy extra moolah month after month!

3. Survey Money Portal 

This website is only for people who want to make big league money from home. A few friends of mine have signed up for this website and they're practically doing better than I am! Not only is this a really lucrative website but the surveys are so easy you could take them in your sleep and get paid the same day! 

2. Real Surveys Online

  Real Surveys Online gets a top spot because here's a secret: Not many people know about this website yet. Because of this, there are currently people making $3,500 a month to give select companies their opinions. Getting paid is great and getting paid $3,000 is better! Real Surveys Online is a real gem. This isn't just a website to sign up for, this is an income stream. If you don't have a lot of cash and just looking to pay a few bills this website is for you!

1. Paid Surveys At Home 

Paid Surveys At Home is THE survey website and that is why you will sign up! Hundreds of companies are paying this website to pay you! Here at Easy Internet Moolah we love easy cash. duh. Paid Surveys At Home gets the top spot because you are going to get PAID. Believe me. Not only will you get paid but you will be getting paid:

    1. For your first survey ($20 and If you do the math that's $40 you could be getting paid JUST  for signing up for these websites. They are giving this money away and it's all for us!) 

    2. For taking the EASIEST SURVEYS ONLINE!

Trust me on this one. I have been a part of this website for about a year and it is VERY rewarding. Imagine seeing that expensive item you want and just being able to drop cash on it. THAT'S the kind of income I'm talking about!

Have you ever asked yourself..




Well GREAT NEWS! This is actually the MOST common question I hear and I can answer that for you today!

There are many many different ways to earn online. These career choices are the most likely to be a source of real, steady income:

4. Data Entry
It's 2013 and almost everything involving our daily lives is on a computer.Some businesses need their paper documents typed into the computer. This line of work is called Data Entry and it can be done from home. 

Most Data Entry Jobs are a short Google search away and pay enough to be a very good source of income.

3. Surveys

Surveys are also a great way to earn money online. There aren't many jobs as simple as taking a survey and receiving payment.

What kind of surveys are you taking? There's probably a survey for every item you could purchase on earth! magazines,insurance, furniture, etc. 

Surveys are a great way to earn if you dedicate enough time to them. The key to any success is ACTION especially when you are working from home. As long as you set aside time for taking surveys, it will pay off!

I wrote this^ article awhile back on some really high paying survey sites. It's definitely worth a look if you want to start making money quickly.

2.Online Call Center Work 

Sometimes the worst part of a job can be the commute! In these modern times, the world is steadily adapting to new technology. The internet makes it possible for millions of people worldwide to earn a living. Some customer service jobs are done completely from home. Here are three websites that will get you started with your online customer service job search.

1. Online Job Services

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a reputable online job that fits your skill set and for this reason becoming a part of an online job service program (like this one for example) is a very smart move. 

As with any part of life, there is dishonesty on the internet and a person with a beginners knowledge of work from home jobs should be cautious against scams. Online job service websites dedicate themselves to only providing you with legit home job oppurtuinities.